First Home

Welcome Home

A lot has been going on the past few months! For a while we were contemplating on whether to rent, or to buy. Last month, we finally became homeowners!

Buying a home still hasn’t hit me yet. I just got started on some projects so maybe when everything is how I want it, I will finally be able to lay back on the couch and say “Wow, we are homeowners.” Until then, I’ll be walking around like nothing happened.

I know you are wanting to see what it looks like, what are the plans for each room and all that good stuff, strap yourself in and let’s go for a ride! The plans, I won’t go into great detail until we actually have a solid vision for each of the rooms.


Never did I think this 2 bedroom, 2 bath home would steal my heart. My main concern was that it only has two bedrooms, but at this time, that’s all we need. For resale we would most definitely add on another bedroom. Most likely another master, but who knows how long that will take to get done.

Meet the living room! Very spacious and as for now I’m having furniture dilemma! I don’t know where the furniture should go and I don’t have any furniture yet that will take up some space! Either way it goes, I think I will have to go with Plan B for furniture arrangement. Right now,  the TV is on the wall by the fireplace but that will have to change since the loveseat takes up most of the space. We are thinking about going to Plan B with the TV on the wall next to the opening going into the kitchen and maybe a sectional along the window wall.

And don’t mind Zahra, she just loves turning flips everywhere.

If we go back outside to our “main entrance”, you will meet our garage that needs a bit of work!
The worst part are the walls, of course. A good power washing will hopefully do the trick and a new fire extinguisher since I don’t even know if that one works.

And if you were to come in from the garage, this is the room you would meet. At first, I was thinking this could be my home office, but as many times as everyone goes in and out this room, I don’t think I will like the foot traffic.

From our “garage foyer”, you will walk directly into our breakfast, dining, all the meals in between room. Right now, it looks about the same, just boxes everywhere. I didn’t think of getting a dining table when we first moved in and it’s probably one of the last things to do list since most of our meals consists of stuffing our mouths while staring at TV.

Let’s not forget where probably 1/3 of the meals comes from. This would be another room that needs A LOT of attention. The cabinets may look white to you right now, but deep down they are this pee pee type yellow. The healthy type yellow that is. And let’s not forget that horrible smell from the inside. Cleaning out the cabinets with soap and water hasn’t help much so I will be spending my time painting the insides also. Luckily all the appliances work even though they aren’t my specific taste.


Off the kitchen you will find our lovely laundry room which already has a built in ironing board and a portable dishwasher that I will probably never use. Any one wants to buy one? And if you are wondering, no we have not bought a washer and dryer yet. I am still taking our clothes off to mom and dad house to get everything washed.

From our laundry room we have another room that needs work. The master bathroom. Lots of storage space on the back wall and a single vanity across from that. Luckily who ever got this home built was thinking about space saving ideas and installed pocket doors leading to the laundry room and bathroom. Going back on topic, these cabinets will needs a major paint job. Sometimes I think about just tearing them out!

And here is the most hated place in the house. The shower we never use. This will most likely be our first big project. We were going back and forth with whether or not to make it a tub shower combo or just a stand up shower. I think it is safe to say that  we will go with the tile stand up shower since the other bathroom already has a tub. Oh yeah, did I mention there is a toilet right beside the shower. Nothing more relaxing then having to pee while you are in the shower and hop right to it! I can go one and on about this room, so let’s just move on before I start demoing it today.

And from the master bath, you finally meet our master bedroom. Pretty spacious, well a lot more spacious then I thought it would  be. About the same size of my last bedroom so I’m happy we didn’t have to downsize. Pretty much your basic bedroom, just with a walk-thru closet. Yeah I said WALK-THRU CLOSET!


Oh boy, the plans I have for this ROOM! For now I will make it to my taste, but eventually, I will put up a wall and make two separate closets once the new master bedroom gets built. Until then, all of our clothes are in one closet and boy does it make putting up clothes go by a lot quicker! This will be the easiest transformation we will have.

And if you WALK THROUGH the closet, you will find Caiden’s room. A little bit smaller than master, but very spacious for him. He basically doesn’t have much in his room so everything still feels pretty big.

And if you come out of Caiden’s room, you will find the hall bathroom that we use 24/7. Eventually the jetted tub will come out and become a tub shower combo. There is no shower in here currently, just a tub. But on the plus side, all of the bathrooms have heated fans that you can turn on instead of the regular fan!

In the hallway you will also find more of the storage cabinets that you saw in the master bathroom. I don’t know if I like the cabinets more than a closet. I will say everything stays organized better.

And the last stop is our backyard. See the beautiful deck, great things will happen there eventually!

That was a load wasn’t it? I have so much to share still but I will keep it short and simple! Stay tuned for more to come! What to expect? Caiden’s room got a paint job immediately when we closed, Front door got a facelift, and now the kitchen is getting some love!

I can’t wait to share everything with you!

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