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A lot of times I find myself confused on how to make a ranch style home look more modern, but watching the episode of Fixer Upper last night allowed me to see how it’s possible to bring a home back to life while still keeping it’s character.

If you didn’t watch the show last night then you missed out or maybe it’s just me? I know I haven’t stayed in tune with this show but when I do have time to watch it, I enjoy every minute of it.

Here are a few ideas I love from last night’s episode.

New Windows & Paint

Of course some trees got knocked down so that you can actually see the house but what draws me now is how the big the windows have gotten and of course the paint color!
I never thought about making windows bigger to not only bring more light into rooms but to also make the house look more uniformed.
And let’s talk about that paint. I’ve seen a few houses that were painted and sometimes I’m like why on Earth would you paint your house that color? If it makes them happy then who am I to say it’s hideous when it is. I got my love from painted brick from Liz’s blog, It’s Great to Be Home . She has done quite a few flips where she has painted the brick exterior of the home and boy does it make the houses pop and feel more updated. When I think about it, I never did like all brick homes growing up. I always felt like they were outdated.


Of course how could I not love the kitchen! I easily fall in love with white kitchens. I used to love the cherry cabinets but white has stolen my heart since it brightens up the room a lot.

For some reason I’m also a sucker for the hoods with tile all around them above the stove. I am also a big fan of those kind of cabinets. If you noticed, they are the same design that I want in this old style ranch I hope to update one day soon.

And that’s where I will leave you guys before I get out of control. I had to narrow down what I like because I would end up showing you the entire house when you can just go check it out yourself!

Am I the only one a big fan of white cabinets and just the entire house feeling bright and airy?

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