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Patience is the Key: Laundry Room Reveal

This Friday will be a month since I have formally introduced you guys to this lovely gal here. Before, she was shy, didn’t like to talk to people much, and didn’t want anyone to be around unless they had to be there. She was a beauty in disguise, but no one took the time out to make her into the woman she could become until now. Today she is someone who will turn heads and make you do a double take! With all that being said, here is the girl you have all been waiting for…. Ms. Laundry Room (I’m not good at coming up with nicknames).





If you didn’t noticed, I changed the lights in this room also. For some reason I’m leaning towards white lighting more. It makes everything pop and it makes your mood better than those frosted yellow lights or maybe it is just me. Here’s a side by side difference
Looks a lot better right?
Here’s what else to be done:
Create a counter to go on top of washer and dryer
Add a lot of art
Get storage baskets and cart
Maybe add a new light (since there’s new bulbs it’s not as bad or dirty)


She’s one that has stolen my heart. She may just have taken the place of my upstairs bathroom, but she still has a little ways to go before she can do that though. All of this painting couldn’t have been finished without a dear friend of mines, Brandon French aka Frenchy. There are not many people out there that are willing to help those when they are in need and I am grateful that he helped me!
So ya’ll go check him out and while you at it get you an graphic done between $25.00-$50.00! It will be nice to have it hung up in your house to make it start feeling more like home!

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  • Frenchy Jeenyoux

    Dooooope! That transformation is BOMB… the room looks completely different. That white light definitely looks better. And thanks for the promo at the bottom! That was a cool surprise, lpl

  • Brianna Jenkins

    Thanks French! White lights always seem to make the room better. I just haven't gotten the courage to put them in the bedrooms to see what they look like. & I knew you wasn't expecting it that's why I did it! 🙂

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