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On to the Next

It’s been forever!! If you don’t know by now, I have sold my last home and now on to the next one! I do have some pictures to show of Caiden’s room and the Master Bedroom, but that’s about it. Majority of everything just got painted and that’s it. I forgot to take pictures of everything when I was moving out, but my only concern was getting out in one day.

Why did I decide to move?

Financial reasons. Being in real estate, you don’t get the stability of income like a employee. You get paid when you make a sale. My way out was to sell my home and to make sure I save a lot more than what I thought I would need to save.

The final reason would be the location. Being out in the country, internet is very limited. So if I needed to work from home, I couldn’t unless it was just my luck that the internet was actually working fast that day. Also with being out in the country, not too many people will come see you lol.

Here is everything at once for you from the first house:


Caiden’s Room


Since the last time you seen his room, his room got a new coat of paint, (Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray) a big boy bed, a rug from Wayfair, and just got a lot more toys.


Master Bedroom

The only time you have seen this room was in the original home tour.
Nothing is spectacular about it at all!!!


This room just got a coat of paint a year ago. It is Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams.
And welcome to the not so new home:
Don’t worry, the grass and bush in the front doesn’t look like that anymore. This is the only picture I have since there is a dumpster in my front yard.
The master bathroom is getting gutted and the master bedroom carpet is removed!! I can’t wait to share these spaces with you!! But you know first I will have to give ya’ll a tour soon!!! I promise not to stay gone for too long this time!!

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