First Home

Light Me Up!

The closet is coming along pretty well. We just installed the new light fixture on Memorial Day and I am in love!! The last time we left off, the closet looked something like this:

And now here we are today:
I also forgot to tell you, a month ago we purchased this mirror from Walmart┬áIn-store since it isn’t available online. At the store it seemed taller. When I got home, I was like “ohhh,,ok, this isn’t what I was expecting.” I’m sure if I would’ve measured the wall and then taken the measurements with me, it may have went better (or I would’ve forgotten the measurements in the car or at home like I always do). If I could get something taller eventually or just mount it on the wall then I could live with the size. Other than that, I love to be able to look at the full picture instead of wondering if my shoes actually go well with my outfit.
It took me a while, but I finally gave in to a light. I purchased it from Birch Lane since Wayfair had sold out of it on their site. When I saw that it was sold out, I thought that it was the end of the world until I remembered Wayfair have sister sites that carry the same items, which I still don’t understand why, but in this case, I am happy for it.
My dad put it up for me and I’m happy he did because I would have been lost, but the next one, I think I got. Here’s a close up of this “Sexay thang” (cue’s music inside of my head)
I’m still debating on if I want to add a bench in the middle. I like the feeling of not having to go around anything, but I would also like to be able to sit down and put on my shoes instead of sitting on the floor or going back to the bedroom. (If one could just magically raise out of the floor, that would be amazing!)
For now, I know I have one room pretty much 99% finished and I’m shocked to say that. Well I’ll say 95% just in case I do decide to lay some Luxury Vinyl and a rug, It never fails that I keep adding things to the list that I didn’t think about before! For now, this is how it will be for a while.

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