Labor Pains

Get ready for a load full:

So we all have heard the many stories of many people’s labor and some of them may have gotten us a little freaked out. Before you start getting scared or even overwhelmed, it’s good to know that each and everyone of our bodies are totally different from each others.

Today I’m here to share you my story.

It all started Sunday morning around 8:00 am. I felt this cramping sensation which pretty much felt like the small cramps you feel before your period comes on (or maybe I’m the only one who feels this). Throughout the entire morning I felt the same feeling. Tried changing positions, walking, resting, drinking water, worrying, thinking, the whole nine yards if you ask me. Did I think I was in labor? OF COURSE NOT! Well there was a slight thought that I could be, but since the pain didn’t increase and wasn’t constant, I thought that it would just eventually go away on it’s on.

Let me also inform you that I didn’t have Braxton Hick’s contractions my entire pregnancy. Lucky me right? Wrong. I always questioned how labor would feel like and how I would actually know. When you ask someone they tell you these things:

Bloody Show, Mucus Plug, Pain going from your lower back to your upper stomach, and only once I heard about feeling period cramps. There was probably a million other things people told me but who keeps up with all the signs when you are already overwhelmed.

But to continue on with the story that I am supposed to be telling you…

Luckily I didn’t sit around all day since I had to work that day, but before work I decided to go on a walk. And to sum it up, the picture I took after walking was the last picture of me pregnant.

39 weeks and 1 day
And this is the first picture of me photographing my entire body willingly while pregnant. I hated how swollen my face was and that I just didn’t feel or look like myself. But the sacrifice was indeed worth it!
Once getting to work, I felt somewhat fine. Didn’t feel the pain, maybe because my mind was focused on cheerleading, but knew it was still there. Eventually when I got home, which was around 5pm, I decided to call the doctor and to see what I should do. Of course they ask you the million questions about what you feel and then ask you about the million things people tell you labor supposed to feel like but yet you don’t feel anyone of those feelings they are telling you. So finally she tells me to go to L&D (Labor and Delivery).
Remember, that I’m still not in a lot of pain. The pain has increased a little but no where near the pain when you are on your menstrual cycle. Pretty much I was contracting but wasn’t dilated any. I stayed there from 7:30 pm to around 9:30 pm, only to be sent home and given a sleeping pill. Deep down before I even went, I knew I was going to be sent home and I knew I hadn’t dilated any. Did I jinx myself? Doubt it.

Oh yeah, around the time I was leaving the pain had increased and pretty much got me into tears. I have a high tolerance for pain so I knew that this is finally the real deal. So I took the pill and she told me that if I didn’t end up going to sleep immediately I would be out of it and doing some crazy things. Well I went went to sleep once I finished eating a healthy snack from Mcdonald’s for it only to be thrown up in the car on the way home.


10:00 pm – 1:30 am

I’m completely out of it from the pill. I’m contracting and in a lot of the pain. I feel like a drunk and I’ve never gotten wasted before or even taken any pills but I’m sure how I was feeling would be how a drunk person felt. I know what’s going on but then again I don’t. I can’t walk myself, I say whatever comes to my mind, I call my dad 20 times when walking in just to say hey. I lay on the couch and don’t even know I’m laying on the couch. Yeah, you get the idea. When I look back at it, I wish someone would have recorded because I am indeed laughing at myself right now.
I lay down and try to sleep and that didn’t last long. The pain became unbearable to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and was crying out to my mom to please take me to the hospital. I pretty much felt like death, if it’s possible to feel that way. I don’t think we will ever know though.
This time around was the real freaking deal. It was time. Not time to push or anything though. That would take a little under 6 hours.


It’s about dang time right? Finally after seeing the million and one birthing shows on Discovery Health, I finally understood why those crazy women yelled out give me a (insert your choice of curse word here) epidural. I thought getting an IV and epidural was going to feel worst than labor. Boy was I wrong, IT WAS THE BEST FEELING EVER! Especially the epidural. Can you say magic? Like paradise! I was finally able to sleep and not worry about a darn thing besides not being able to feel my legs and wondering if I will ever feel them again. Besides that, life was pretty much great at the moment. The best I’ve felt my entire pregnancy.


I think this is the part where I had it the easiest compared to most people. Around 6:00 Monday morning I told my mom that I had felt pressue and she told me to call the nurse and went back to sleep. My poor mom didn’t get any sleep because she was up dealing with me the entire day so I didn’t blame her. I did the same. Yep, didn’t call the nurse that is. Dumb move right? It could’ve been but it worked in my favor. Oh I forgot to tell you, a nurse never did come and check me since 3:00 that morning. I was only 2cm dilated when they admitted me so I guess they didn’t think I would progress that fast.
Around 7:00 that morning, the doctor came in just to check and see how I was doing since my doctor hadn’t gotten to work yet. I told him I was feeling some pressure but other than that I was good. When he looked, Caiden was pretty much almost there. It was time to suit up and get to action!
I only pushed 2 (1.5 really to the doctor) times and he was here. I only had a 1cm tear and the doctor pretty much said that a lot of people would have loved to have my kind of delivery. I think the reason why I didn’t tear as much is because I pretty much let Caiden do all the work since I didn’t know it was time to push when it was time to push. I’m not saying to hold out like I did, please don’t. I don’t think it’s recommended, but ask your doctor because I’m sure as heck ain’t one.

Meet the Mr.

Caiden Ahmir Jenkins
March 16th, 2015 . 7.18 AM . 6lbs 2oz . 18.75in
He’s pretty much the love of my life. There’s no words I can say to describe how I feel, I just know I greatly enjoy being a mother. All those worries I had don’t even matter anymore to me. He canceled all fear and doubt I had in myself and replaced it with hope, determination, and joy. There’s NO ONE that could ever take his place. Welcome to the world Caiden! Mommy loves you!!

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