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How to Install a New Air Return Grille

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a great start to the New Year! I’ve been gone way too long! This year, I finally got around to installing a new air return grille that I bought three months ago! Why so long you may have asked? Well I constantly have a thought in my head that I may fail.

Today I got tired of always wondering ‘what if’ I fail and told myself that you are not failing at anything, it is just a lesson learned on what not to do. I was watching a YouTube video today and saw it the title say 2019 Vision. Then I thought of all the things inside my head that I thought of doing, but never did. This year I will not just sit around and vision everything inside of my head, I will make my visions come to life!

Here is the before picture of the grille that has been in this house since we bought it. Of course I was in the process of taking it off while taking this picture. This grille is a 20×20 so I made sure when I went to Home Depot, I got the same size. Here’s the grille I used.

**This is a picture heavy post!!**

I thought about cleaning it and spray painting it, but I hated that I had to use a butter knife or screw driver to always open it and change the filter.

Whoever installed it used nails to secure it so I had to become creative to get the nails out since my hammer was too big.

I used a paint can opener to pop up the nails and then removed with the hammer. After taking it out, this was what we are left with.

DUSTY DUSTY DUSTY! I even found the wallpaper that was used in the hallway. Can you imagine how it looked covering all the walls?

I inserted the new grille and screwed it in with screws this time!

So now it’s not a pain changing out the filter next time!

Ya’ll I feel like I could have done this three months ago if I stopped telling myself it was harder than I thought. I know ya’ll are probably falling out your seats laughing right now like I am!

Go do something you told yourself you couldn’t do after telling yourself you there’s no reason why you can’t do it!

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