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Hellllloooo out there!!!

I’ve erased what I was going to say about 5 times now. Finding the perfect words, phrases, or sentences, do not exist in my mind Who thought that writing a small update about the half bath would be such a struggle?

Since I’ve painted the half bath, it’s had the same burgundy rug. Just imagine how this rug looked in with red walls!
Not the most appealing when you come into a newly painted bathroom. This weekend, we finally went to target and got this beauty.
Now you walk in, sit down, and you want to sit there forever. Eventually it will be nice to get that flooring change! Just have to convince that mom of mines!
We also got a new hand towel. You’re probably laughing right now. Who get’s excited about hand towels? When you see something coming together, you get excited about everything!
I’m excited about what the year will bring and can’t wait to get started back designing! I took a long hiatus, longer than what I expected. From being pregnant and not working, to having two jobs stressed, and finally settling in my dream career, I’m finally at a point in my life where I’m extremely happy and satisfied not only with myself, but the situations I face daily. This is only the start of something great!

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