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Got Cribs?

I really hope you read that right…

Well last night I found myself looking a cribs and must I say when I look at something, most likely I talk myself into trying to get it.

Eventually, I hope to get Caiden a new crib. At first I was settling on an espresso color but then again I realized how much I liked the clean look of white. Not only was I thinking about what color, I also had to think of what style I wanted, standard or convertible?

I never once thought about picking between the two and today I can still tell you that I’m not sure which one I would go with. For those of you who were as lost as I was at first here’s the difference between the two.

Standard Crib

Does not turn into anything, basically just a crib and that’s it.
Fixed-sided, meaning that the side does not let down.
Easier to put together.
Less expensive.

Convertible Crib

Can convert to a toddler bed, full size, or even bigger.
Might have to purchase other parts to convert though.
More expensive, but you are getting more options for the money.
I won’t go into more detail about the many other options you have since these were the two I was looking into.


It looks like this could have been the under $200 team if number two wasn’t in the race, but I love how it looks for some reason which is awkward since most of cribs I’ve seen with the different color bottom I didn’t like.
One thing that I’ve realized is that a lot of these cribs probably cost a lot cheaper if you look for a deal instead of thinking that you have one. For instance, #5 cost $149.99 (taxes with free shipping over orders of $49) if you buy it from Wayfair, but Walmart carries the same crib at $131.99 and there are no taxes and shipping is free! You do get money back to use towards another purchase at Wayfair so in total with the rewards back ($4.23) you would be paying $145.76.
Moral of the story, LOOK AROUND BEFORE YOU BUY, but I’m sure you already knew that. 🙂
Hopefully I will make a final decision in the next few weeks. Since we are co-sleeping I’m thinking of even painting some dressers white to make the room feel more cohesive, but that won’t happen until the pollen clears up.
In the meantime, which crib(s) are you leaning towards?

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