Girrlll, Where You Been Hiding??

Sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long, but we all need our 2 month break right??  I was thinking the same.

I didn’t expect to be gone for so long but now that I’m back you should be happy!

A lot of nothing has been going on during those months. You would think that I would have completed about five rooms already, but that wasn’t the case. I admit that I was not feeling like myself at all and started to not know what direction I wanted to go with things. I also had a hard time with accepting the fact that a room evolves over time and I will never have a room completed without thoroughly thinking everything out and knowing which direction to go. So now I’m back with a new way of doing things and a surprise to tell you, in the next month or so, that I’ve been trying my best not to tell the world.

Since this month is my one year anniversary month, YES THAT’S RIGHT this blog has been going on for almost an entire year now, I decided I should return out of the clouds sooner than I was expecting. With what to show you? Ummmmmm… I have a secret that I’m about to start on but can’t spill that many beans yet. I will tell you it’s inside my parents’ house though. I’ve seen that my sense in taste has changed a lot and some spaces that I have done I wish I could redo over again. That may be happening or may not, who knows, but you will have to wait to see the entire space until the reveal but I’ll give you little sneak peaks here and there!  Exciting right? I’m excited that I’ve learned how to keep a lot of things I’m excited about to myself!

But this is what I will tell you:

I’m thinking about changing up the scheme a bit and going dark. And when I mean dark, I’m thinking something along the lines of this color:


It’s still a safe, neutral color, but this will be the first time I am painting something dark so I’m pretty ecstatic.

I’m thinking about accents of yellow and teal. I’m definite about the yellow but not sure about the teal yet, but I think it will look really good together like here:

We will see how this goes as soon as I find out what exact color I’m wanting on the walls. I guess it’s time to go get some samples and pick one soon! 

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