Dreams Can Come True

We all have ideas of how we want our own house to look, what kind of furniture we want and many other things that we sometimes forget. For once, I would like to actually go room by room and see how I would like each room in my house to be.

For starters, I’m in the middle of deciding whether to buy a new construction or a already built home. I think I am leaning towards already built, but as soon as I see a newer home, I change my mind. If you’ve been looking at Let’s Buy It, those are the type of older homes I would go for. Here is a newer home that caught my eye as I was going through a subdivision

What draws me to this home? I guess the way the garage pops draws me closer to the house. If you head over to Overhead Door you can see more designs for garage doors.
But here’s what I want in a home in general:
3 bedroom 2 bath
~1,500 square feet
Whatever price I can afford to feel like I own the home and not the home own me
At least 0.30 acres
Good Layout
No major foundation issues
Good school district
Safe neighborhood
And that’s about all I can think of…
So let’s start with what I would want in the living room:
So I guess I can break everything down for you and let you see the extreme cost. No numbering this time so you’ll have to follow along more attentively. (By the way, it took me two hours to complete this mood board, but I enjoyed figuring out what all I wanted after picking through 20 couches I loved)
1. For starters, the room color would be Cathedral Gray by Behr. (~$33X2= $66)
2. The picture on the left would go on one of the walls. ($382.80)
3. The wall mirror would go on another wall, maybe over the fireplace if there was one. ($97.95)        
    There’s also one cheaper just like it just smaller and less rustic ($45.95)
4. The end tables would add more storage. ($109.07)
5. The lamps may have a green stand instead of in the bronze finish. ($96.99)
6. The blue sofa would add pop while the accent chair would help bring everything together. ($549 and $338)
7. The coffee table would be used as a display for home improvement magazines and books. ($408.65)
8. The hardwood floors are engineered and would make me squeal every time I saw them. They most likely will be throughout the entire house except bathrooms. ($5670.21 for entire house)  ($1425.76)
 9. Accent rug (5 X 8) to tie in the pillows from the couches that I could easily change out. Most likely wouldn’t be this one. Would want bigger one to cover area better.($169.99)
10. Chose white curtains just to have a different color if I chose the white lamps. Otherwise they would be white with a green pattern. I wanted gray but having gray walls would clash with each other. (84″ @ $62.99)
11. Of course there will be a lot more pictures and other accessories throughout the room that I would most definitely DIY or use what I have existing after seeing everything add up. (~$100)
That brings our grand total to: $3,538.15 (not including shipping and handling)

This is A LOT cheaper than what I thought it would be so right now I’m really digging this.
*Note that I didn’t include the total cost to do the entire house with hardwood.
If you didn’t already have an entertainment center or TV might as well add another grand to that. Cost could also go up if I decided to add more crown molding, painting the trim, baseboards and doors, installing new windows, or adding surround sound. But I would keep it to the bare minimum unless I had money to blow away all at once. One thing that I know is that if you map out everything that you want in a space then all you have to do is order it and have you a brand new room in a little over a month depending on how long it takes for all of your furniture to arrive to your door.
These mood boards just aren’t for you to look at, they are for you to actually use and to speed up your process. I’m doing mood boards for $25 for a single room and $15 each additional room so get yours today from yours truly! Just email brij1992(at)hotmail(dot)com with pictures of your room from each angle and any colors or etc. that you would like to have. I accept Paypal and all designs will be ready in at least 48 hours depending on how many items are used for the board.

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