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Design for Caiden’s Room

Since I’ve laid eyes on this home, I’ve been thinking about a design for Caiden’s room! Trying to staying in one room from start to finish, is a task for me that I decided it was time to try to do! I may go paint a room here or there, but my goal is to design his room before I design any other.

Thinking of ideas in my head or making a board online does not allow me to see the vision. I finally brought back my mood board which is my life saver! I kept contemplating on whether or not I was going to do multiple designs, but I fell in love with the one I started on. (Plus, I did not want to sit for hours finding other items for a completely different theme because I am lazy at times).

Picking A Theme

It didn’t take me long to pick a theme. First, I went to Target’s website since I was just in there a few weeks ago and Caiden loved everything! Going to the website first helped me a lot instead of going off what was only in the store. I didn’t want to pick anything that wasn’t available or that didn’t go with his current room color. Don’t be surprise, but I recently considered repainting his room! Luckily, I had someone talk some sense into me!

I picked a comforter that I knew Caiden would like since he had already picked it out at Target (Not the exact design, but it did have dinosaurs on it). Once that was out  the way, it was time to make some magic happen. (Wayfair.com at the same price so I am most likely going to be purchasing from there since I have an account there.)


Finding Decor Items

The main focal item on the wall above his bed was already saved to my Wayfair board. I went searching for something else to go there first, but that piece has been speaking to me since I first laid eyes on it. From there, I picked other items that correlated with the picture and his bedspread. The hardest thing was to find items that I already have in my head that I want.

For instance, for the life of me I could not find a table lamp to go on top of his dresser. I wanted a lime green one that wasn’t that big but wasn’t too small also. I had the perfect lamp at my parent’s house, but there is no telling where it is now.



Eventually, I need to find something to go over by the tee pee. But this will be the start. I know the TV wall will be the most challenging so I’m going to come back to that after I get everything else decorated. Right now, everything is coming at $260. This does not include any shipping. I’m trying not to go over $500 for the complete design of his room because in a few years, he may ask to change a lot of things up.

I want to have everything finished before his birthday in March! But if anyone wants to get him any of these items for a Christmas gift, you are more than welcome to do so! 🙂


Decor in Mood Board:

Tee Pee- Wayfair

Bedspread – Target

Gray and White Pillows –Target

Boys Only Sign (On Door) – Hobby Lobby

Be Brave Canvas – Hobby Lobby

World Map – Wayfair

Table Lamp – Zulilly


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