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Daddy to the Rescue

So Friday my dad came home and stayed outside for a while. I wasn’t very curious as to what he was doing but eventually, meaning once he got finished, I tuned in to find this.

I admit that I sneaked and looked a couple of times to see what he was up to, but I wasn’t that interested because of the cold weather that sneaked in. I got used to the 70 degree weather and now if it drops below that I feel like it’s winter all over again.

A very, very, very long time ago, I showed you how this space looked. Since dad decided not to holla at me and tell me to come take some before pictures, I found myself rumbling through my old photos to only find a photo that does no justice. This space looked nothing like this at the time, but just picture all the toys gone and just some muddy areas and some weeds.



Yea it looks horrible. But let’s go back and look at how beautiful this space is becoming.



This is only the start of the backyard. There is way more to do trust me. I would write a list back up but who knows how long that would be or how long it would take to do any of those things. I’ll let you in on the things I’m determined to do before the winter comes back around though.

Stain screened porch ( maybe fix the screen also and replace screen door)
Redo flower beds with mulch
Create a DIY water hose holder
Create a walkway from back porch to driveway

And that’s where I will stop. I have plenty of more ideas but I doubt I will get to them this year. If I do then that would be a miracle.

Before we go, let’s look at my dad hard at work.



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