First Home

“Come and Knock on Our Door…”

Didn’t think I would be back this fast did you? Well here I am with another post!! I’m sure you are aware of what I am talking about today right. If not, meet the Mrs. right here…

Oooo look at those mix match door knobs, that color… umph. I’m really holding back all that I want to say about this door. If I had a choice, I would get rid of it and get something like this…


But since that’s not in the budget, we will stick to this one.
I could’ve dealt with this door for a while, but since I wanted to knock out easier projects first so that I actually feel motivated, this was on the to-do list.
Let’s have one more snap of what the door used to be:
And now, let there be light!
My original plan was to paint the door Lap Pool Blue by Behr, but it never fails that ACE never has any of the colors any of the other stores have. This is only my second time of this happening, but lesson learned. If I want a specific color, I will have to go to that specific place that I got the sample from. I tried to color match it as best as I could just by looking at the colors that they had. I’m not sure about how close I got since I can’t even find my sample anymore in the house. I’m guessing God is telling me stop worrying about it. Your door is painted now.
The color I chose is Electro Chill by Valspar. Semi-gloss finish for exterior. Let me include that ACE may be the only company that carry this color. I may be wrong, but at least I am letting you know. For the trim around the window, There was some paint left above the fridge. It is in satin, but not sure what color.
Now that we got all that out the way…
How did we get here?
1. Removed all locks.
2. Sanded down entire door and locks.
3. Wiped down entire door and locks.
4. Started painting/Spraying
Here is how it looked during the process of each coat. I did 3 coats in all. The spray paint I used for the door knobs is below.




It’s still not perfect but it will do. I tried to spackle where the paint was chipped at on the door but I think the problem was that I only covered it once then sanded when I should’ve done it a couple of more times. The other issue is the door knobs. I was thinking I would be oh so careful with them that they wouldn’t get scuffed up, I was wrong. The deadbolt is in perfect condition but the knobs aren’t. I had issues putting the door knob back on so it got some damage. I should’ve did a clear coat to protect everything or had the knobs to dry longer. But time was a crunch since I didn’t get started until that afternoon. I may end up taking the knobs back off and redoing them, but until then they will stay like they are.
Let’s look at this beauty from afar:
Very bright and bold, but I’m loving the change! Now we just have to do something with those tile floors, wall color, screen door and yard!
Here are some more pictures to make your day!



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