First Home

Closet Love

I’m excited to be back to show you all one of the main reasons why I bought this house. Even though we all share it, it is perfect for our needs. Having a little one to get ready in the morning and having a walk-through closet to both of our rooms was the ideal solution at this time! I debated constantly about if I wanted to go ahead and put up a wall, but I decided it was best to leave it as it is for now.

Here are the before pictures again for you:

What was done?


I repainted the built-ins to make them feel like it they were somewhat new, painted poles, and painted the walls Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams.


Now you will find us here today:





It took me much longer to paint this room then I thought it would. Majority of the time spent was painting the built-ins. This is where I had wished i had a sprayer to make everything go faster. Here is one side without the clothes. (I thought I took a picture of the other side, but apparently I didn’t)





These built-ins make it seem like I have too many shoes

And his side (I just threw a lot of stuff up here, but one day it will be organized).

Those boxers are just eyeing you aren’t they? His shoes were too big to put up there so all of his will be at the bottom on the floor.



This room is almost complete. The two items I am adamant on are a new mirror to go in between the wall with built-ins and a new light fixture. I was thinking about an ottoman, but I am scared that it will take up too much room in the closet. I will have to take out the blue tape and see how it goes for a week.




Don’t mind the different color lights, I ran out of the bright whites even though they look yellow here.
Hopefully I will have this room complete by the end of the year. I’m just kidding, at least by the end of May.



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