Second Home

Caiden’s Room In Our Second Home

You know I always have to take care of my big boy first! His room was the first room painted as soon as we moved in. If you didn’t see my new home tour post last week, go check out the before pictures of Caiden’s room!

There is nothing special to Caiden’s room right now, it’s just a blank slate with so many opportunities. I’m trying to debate whether to let him decide how he wants it, or for me to design everything for him. He likes everything any other boy likes, but coming up with a cohesive design can be difficult. Especially since he likes Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, Spider Man, and so many other shows that are influencing him!

Caiden's Room: Second Home

We painted everything the same color as his bedroom in the first house, Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore. Can you believe that this is the same carpet as in the pictures from the home tour?? It’s crazy how a good carpet clean can make your carpet look brand new!

Caiden's Room: Second Home


I hate creating list of what all I need to do to a room, because sometimes I don’t go back to look at what all I said I was going to do, BUT this time it will be different ya’ll!! Here’s what I’m thinking for Caiden’s Room:

  • Update fan
  • Curtains (I still have his green ones but they are most likely not the length I want them to be)
  • New closet door knobs (One is missing a knob since we’ve moved in and I can’t find anything similar online)
  • Bedspread
  • More storage for toys
  • Add some art to walls
  • Paint dresser in corner by bed or replace

I think this is a pretty simple list that can easily be done! Nothing too extreme which is what I need at this time as the Master Bathroom is getting redone! You will see this transformation pretty soon!

Links to Caiden’s Furniture:

White Cubby- Lowes

Twin Platform Bed – Wayfair

Triangle Rug- Wayfair 

Laundry Basket – Home Goods

Black Dresser – Farmer’s Furniture





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