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Caiden’s Closet

Well soon Caiden will be here hopefully. I’ve been crossing my fingers that he will be here before my due date but I’d be just as happy if he came afterwards, just not April. I’ve prepared myself for a March baby. Now if only I can convince Caiden that.

Back to this closet situation though.

I’ve been on this organization high horse lately and decided to make some dividers for his closet DIY style! I know, it’s been a while since I’ve done a project but since I’m sitting at home all day with nothing to do, I decided, why not?

So here are the materials you need:

A circle to make the dividers (Painters tape worked for me)
Adhesive (glue or tape, whatever you can find)
Decorative Paper (I used scrapbook paper)
So first I opened the cereal box and laid it out
Then I took my painters tape and traced it. I looked around for an object to make a smaller circle on the inside and found my Georgia State University class medal I got at freshman orientation.



Once everything was traced, I grabbed my scissors and got to cutting.
Right now I’m not worried about it being not perfect because next I got my scrapbook paper and traced each divider on it, cut it out and then placed it on top of the divider using my Scotch double sided tape.



Once it was cut out I wrote whatever size on the divider and then I trimmed it up to make it look somewhat presentable to myself. And this is the final product:
You are probably wondering about the mix match hangers, I thought it would be a great idea to use that as a divider until I ran out of colors to choose from. I may end up further organizing and using the white as onsie tops and pants, green as sleepware, and blue as outfits, but for now it’s fine the way it is.
This project cost me $0 so I’m ecstatic about that! Not the color scrapbook paper I wanted but I used what I had and it was better than my other choice, PINK! Overall, I think everything turned out perfectly for me. No more trying to remember what color hanger goes with what size!

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