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Bedroom Adventure: Mr. Caiden Ahmir

Let’s just say I haven’t gotten as far as I thought I would with this room by now. I thought that if I focused on one room, I would get more done. Needless to say, I definitely chose the wrong room to focus on. I didn’t know where to start or what he truly needed in his room. I’m a first time mother and I have this belief that he does not need much.

Since most of his clothes are in the closet, there was really no need for any dressers. He will have one, but until I finally paint it and put it in there, it will be staying in my room as a night stand.

Let’s go back to the before picture:

And here is after it got a fresh coat of paint:

I was very hurt when I realized this color wouldn’t be the color that would go everywhere in the house. When I first picked it out, it was the perfect gray and then when it got on Caiden’s walls, it was the perfect sky blue. I guess the lighting is just off. I will say that I only did two coats and now I feel as if I should have done a third, but I was too frugal trying not to spend another dime on paint.

I chose Passive Gray by Sherwin Williams in Flat.

In his bedrooms pictures, the walls actually look gray, but to me they look more blue in person.

Other than the paint, I did create Caiden some artwork when he was born. Just never had printed it out and put it up. Here are how they look:


And here they are command stripping on the wall:



I’m still at a lost to what to do to his room. I guess as he grows, I’ll let him tell me what he wants. What probably will happen is a new bed, toddler bed or two twin beds, so that he can get out of the bed at his will and come scarring me during the night. But I wouldn’t mind since I get tired of getting up during the night to get him. And you may be wondering why two twin beds? I have no clue, to tell you the truth, he may just get our full size bed and we upgrade to a king!

Enough with the rambling… Here is how his room looks today:



Nothing special just enough for him. I can’t say that I look forward to what this room becomes since I have no idea where I’m headed. Leave me some ideas in the comments and let’s make something happen!

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