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Beauty in the Beast

Since last month, I’ve been working on the upstairs bathroom and boy has it been a treat. Yesterday, I finally finished it (procrastination at it’s best). I had a lovely helper in the beginning, my wonderful sister Bianca, but she has my niece to attend to so it was just me, myself, and I to finish. Here’s a picture of her working hard:


Is it me or does she look kinda bored?

Let’s now fast forward a month and some days and now we are here:


Doesn’t it look a lot lighter? Not just because i replaced only one light bulb to the same ones that are down stairs in the half bath, or cleaned those nasty light fixtures… it may just be the paint. Speaking of paint, in the before picture the walls where tealish but more blue. Now they are a nice calm green. This time I went with a kitchen and bath paint,which is much thicker than flat paint, but still have low odor and zero VOC like the other Valspar paint.



The one of the right is the clean one. Finally the beauty comes out in those lights.

I really do like those bright lights. I may not have them in a bedroom, unless it is really small, but in a bathroom it makes the room feel so much bigger and lighter considering there are no windows.

You may also have noticed the quality of my images have gotten clearer. That’s because I got a new camera (Thank God for parents)! Woooo!!!

Here are the plans I have for this room:

  •  Hang up pictures
  • Find a new shower curtain
  • Hang up shower rod
  • Maybe put a glass shelf over the toilet
  • Add a frame around the mirror
  •  Maybe paint the vanity black or blue

I can tell this room is going to be way easier to put together than the other rooms in the house.

Next on my list is the last bathroom in this house, the master bath.




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